Launch.ica doesnt launch in internet explorer

I had this weird problem on a machine, whenever I logged into my citrix web interface, and clicked on a application icon it won’t launch. It shows downloading the file, but it would not do anything with the file it would just sit there. I check the file assoication for .ica and it was set correctly, but won’t launch still. Then I found that you may need to re-register the wfica32.exe again. Of course after that it worked. Hopefully anyone else who every encounters this issue just follow the steps below.

1. Drop to a command line prompt

2. Navigate to c:\program files\citrix\ica client

3. Type in the following command: wfica32 /setup

If you had any IE windows open close it all and open it back up. Then navigate to your citrix web interface and magically it’s fixed.

  1. Jason Mathew says:

    Thanks Jason this helped me with an issue I was having…